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Where are the girl animals?

So I’ve got 2 daughters, both very young, both big readers (okay, listeners – although they can recite whole sections of Dr Seuss off by heart) … Anyway, I just read this post by Max Barry, talking about what’s lacking in children’s fiction. Using dogs and smurfs to illustrate his point, Mr Barry sums it up beautifully … See what you think.



Okay, so this is a radio station

Not a blog. And after this, I will, you know, DISCIPLINE myself. But I finished the edit for Night Beach today. And I haven’t felt like this since Raw Blue. Like I’ve just had the most awesome, intense relationship, but now it’s finished, we’ve broken up, and I’m happy that I had the experience, but I’m sad, too, because it’s over, it’s not mine any more.

Anyways, let’s celebrate. This is my most favourite song in the world, people. Dance Hard.

Besides, after weeks of next to no sleep, I totally get what the guy in this clip is all about. Made me smile.

(And because this is my radio station, I dedicate this one to you, David T.)



Wolfy music today

Still editing, so I have nothing sensible to say, I’m just listening to stuff. You might think song#3 is unrelated to the general wolf theme, but I would argue wolves eat lambs (rapier sharp logic there). The second one, Patrick Wolf’s ‘Overture’, is for my editor (Amy, this will make a pleasant change from Casey Bennetto). If I have a wish, it’s that Florence (from Florence and The Machine) and Patrick Wolf collaborate on something. That’s my dream team of tall pale redheads. If you are going to write in and tell me that PW is not a real redhead, I will cut you off now by saying that no one likes a pedant …





Please God/Santa/my fairy godmother/whoever

Let me see the Twilight Singers live one day.

(If they are new to you, the answer to your first question is: No, this is ‘Underneath the Waves’, not ‘Forty Dollars’ as the flash-up at the start of the song says. And the answer to your second question is: Greg Dulli. I know, right? As Rolling Stone said, part barroom romantic, part serial killer.)



Friday feathers

I still be editing, editing, editing. Which means more music, music, music … Have I mentioned Bang, Bang, Bang was my favourite song of last year? Bet you’re fascinated by that …