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Is probably my favourite surf film – right down to the drawing of a ship on the cover. Watch the trailer and you’ll see why.


Bon Voyage, book

Night Beach has gone to the printers. Now, I feel like I’m just kicking around. Listless, a bit cranky. There’s heaps of things I should be doing. I even have deadlines. Instead …

I’ve found new ways to waste time. For instance, I’ve designed a stamp to use for book signings. I’ve been needing a bit more theatre in that department. Other authors have bookmarks, ribbons, feathers, glitter, dirt – all sorts  of stuff. But the only time I’ve ever cut loose was at my first book signing. I had to borrow a pen, and I wrote something so stupid I’m not even going to say what it was. It was like a car crash between a motivational speaker and a desk calendar. Awful. Truly awful.

Anyway, the stamp. I started with this (which of course means nothing to you now, but if you read Night Beach all will become clear):

And I changed it to this, with help from Emerson (“Live in the sunshine, Swim the sea, Drink the wild air”) – who is also referenced in the story:

So there you go.

What’s that? You think I should stop wasting everybody’s time and get back to work? You’re probably right.




… post today (I try to restrain myself but this one slipped through). Actually it’s more about the surf industry and branding. Billabong is struggling and looking around for a buyer. Nike, the new kid on the block, has been buying up team riders with swoosh appeal from the other surf companies. (For more on this, there’s an excellent post by Stu Nettle at Swellnet on the big surf companies’ current state of flux).

But what I want to know is -

Will Adidas ever be “all in” on surfing?

I love the “all in” ad – it’s partly the music, and partly because Adidas was the cachet brand at my high school, so I have a sentimental attachment to the three stripes. But it also made me think. They’re already into skateboarding. And they sign big-name stadium fillers like Beckham and Messi … All they need now is Slater, filmed somewhere like Huntington Beach, doing some kind of air, and then making that wind it up gesture with his finger.


Look at these fine looking books

(I have been doing edits for too long. As I typed that header, I thought to myself, “Repetition. Get rid of either ‘look’ or ‘looking’. You can’t have both.”)

I’m going to be in Geelong with their owners soon – Gab Williams and Doug MacLeod. We’ll be at Wordage, a festival.

This is an UPCOMING EVENTS post in case you’re wondering why I’m telling you this. So consider yourself updated. I will let you know more details when I get more details. Really, the details I’m sweating on are how I might be able to swing an extra day down there so I can go to Torquay. I know. My heart bleeds for me, too. If you’re overseas and you want to know what Torquay is, it’s a town near Bells Beach which is “allegedly” where Bodhi died in Point Break. Obviously a pilgrimage I must make (although I have actually been there a couple of times, but whatever).

But are you having a nice Friday? Song for the day is old school Danger Mouse. If you need a laugh you should check out Doug Macleod’s blog site. He has nude CBCA ladies on it, and a lot of daleks.