“…the whooping, hollering enthusiasm of surfers for whom surfing is a pleasure, not a right.”

Great article by Phil Jarrett on Swellnet: In Praise of Westies

Oddly, where I live/surf, I think it’s been easier for me (a central Qld native - someone from 1,400 kms away) than the guys who’ve “grown up in Cromer” (5 mins away). Which is kind of hilarious. It’s because I don’t give a shit.

There is nothing better than dismantling someone’s expectation that you’re trying to belong. Be proud of where you’re from.

Whatever Forever

 Sara M Lyons


St. South

Have you ever seen interiors done so beautifully? You can feel the textures – dried flowers snapping, skin, lace, hair, cold laminate. All the details peculiar to older Australian houses makes it seem like a memory of childhood – the louvred windows, the roll call of houses at the beginning, corrugated iron … And that moment between 3:21 to 3:25 – Oh!

111,221 have pledged with White Ribbon in Australia

I know, because I was number 111,220 and my husband was 111,221. But it’s not enough. Maybe you’re like me and you didn’t know you COULD pledge to do your part in stopping violence against women in Australia. If that’s the case, you might want to visit White Ribbon and pledge now (HERE). Let me know if you do.