What I’m working on

What I’m working on

I’ve got two things on the boil at the moment. The first is a young adult story set smack bang on the Tropic of Capricorn in central Queensland, Australia. The setting for this story really excites me. It’s where I grew up (the photo above was taken at my mum’s). It’s a place that I’ll forever associate with a wild kind of freedom. It’s not small town, and it’s not city; it’s rural. A hot and dry and dusty rural. More

Respect to this guy

For many reasons – but in particular for what he has to say about the whole Nazare big wave surfing load-of-sexist-shit. And also, incidentally, because he’s sitting in front of a FINE collection of books as he says it (Joyce Carol Oates watching over his left shoulder).

Help RealSurf out!

I’ve just pledged on Pozible to help RealSurf, and if you’re a fan of the website you might want to do the same. (Haven’t seen it before? Check it out. It’s refreshingly uncorporate and runs on the sweat of passionate contributors). For me, it’s been a touchstone for years, and every time I check in and see the header quote from Jack Norris – “Stay happy and you’ll be perfectly fine” – I feel good (if you’re someone who uses the site, I bet you know exactly what I mean).

They’ve only got 9 days to go, and they are soooooo close to reaching target. 

 Anyway, enough from me. I’ll let Mr Don Norris tell you about their plans: