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St. South

Have you ever seen interiors done so beautifully? You can feel the textures – dried flowers snapping, skin, lace, hair, cold laminate. All the details peculiar to older Australian houses makes it seem like a memory of childhood – the louvred windows, the roll call of houses at the beginning, corrugated iron … And that moment between 3:21 to 3:25 – Oh!

Respect to this guy

For many reasons – but in particular for what he has to say about the whole Nazare big wave surfing load-of-sexist-shit. And also, incidentally, because he’s sitting in front of a FINE collection of books as he says it (Joyce Carol Oates watching over his left shoulder).

Help RealSurf out!

I’ve just pledged on Pozible to help RealSurf, and if you’re a fan of the website you might want to do the same. (Haven’t seen it before? Check it out. It’s refreshingly uncorporate and runs on the sweat of passionate contributors). For me, it’s been a touchstone for years, and every time I check in and see the header quote from Jack Norris – “Stay happy and you’ll be perfectly fine” – I feel good (if you’re someone who uses the site, I bet you know exactly what I mean).

They’ve only got 9 days to go, and they are soooooo close to reaching target. 

 Anyway, enough from me. I’ll let Mr Don Norris tell you about their plans:

Workin’ on my …


Totally fascinated with Iggy Azalea at the moment. Pale-skinned blonde girl from Oz goes to the States, renames herself, and then creates a rap career with more chutzpah than Portia de Rossi? I can only admire it. I like reinvention. I’ve done it myself and it’s been good for me. If you go from sitting at a trading desk moving lots of money around to dish pigging, voluntarily, extraneous ego shit gets stripped away. For a while anyway. 

(At this point, I should break into a whole self important explanation on what I think about Iggy using her assets (arsesets?). She says it herself – in order to connect, she’s had to wrap the message up in stupid paper. I’m just glad she hasn’t had a boob job, and I’m not interested in flaying her. I’m more interested in the BRAIN behind the ARSE.)

I wanted to share this INTERVIEW where Iggy talks about work. How it’s the difference between you wanting to be something, and actually being that something. It’s the lesson I’ve had to re-learn this year (more on that later – because I have actually been writing, not that you would have known it from the lack of communications). There is no magic formula, there are no guaranteed connections that will pull you up to the place you want to be – actually, there might be, but only if you’ve got stuff for them to push. What matters is work. And that is good news and bad news at the same time. Because it all comes down to you. And it all comes down to you. It’s okay to be scared – I battle with head chatter every day. I can come up with thirty-seven reasons for why I shouldn’t bother writing another book, and only four for why I should. The only trick is doing the work. (Salty language warning on the interview, by the way). 

Run rabbit, run

I’ve got three of Dan McCarthy’s prints, but really I’d like to have them all – note to self, buy more walls. I named a chapter in Night Beach after one of his paintings (The Gloaming). I wish I had been early enough to pick up this print. It glows in the dark.

 Dan McCarthy Run Rabbit


Forever Dare (III)

Coona Feast of Words

So I’m back from Coonabarabran, and Coona High’s Feast of Words festival. (Forever Dare, because it’s Coona High’s motto, and (III) because it was my third time out there). This school punches far above its weight. Just goes to show how good a public school can be when it has incredible staff and the support of a community. Feast of Pi is run at the same time as Feast of Words, which means a number of mathematicians visit the school, including, this year, Fred Watson, astronomer extraordinaire.  

The general feeling is that since its inception Feast of Words is paying off. For example, Coona’s recent placings in the Henry Lawson Short Story Competition. 

Fullscreen capture 22072013 90719 AM.bmp

The students have had writers – and not just fiction authors, but also screen writers and journalist/lawyers – talking to them about the writing process for three years now. More


Tres vampire chic. I love her. I like what she has to say in this interview, about the music industry, about being a female in that industry, about the thinking behind the clip for Oblivion (below). Like the film industry, the way women are digested by the music industry depresses the shit out of me. Better yet, I like what Grimes has to say here

 And it turns out her boyfriend is James Brooks from Elite Gymnastics (which I didn’t know, but is interesting to me in a six-degrees-of-separation-on-the-internet kind of way, simply because I have been playing the bejaysus out of Little Things, below), who also wrote a really interesting post on the music industry here.