Giveaway winners

Ahoy there! A big thank you to all who participated in the Night Beach giveaway. Your tips and advice were hugely appreciated. And now it’s time to announce the winners (and I’m a day late in doing this, so my apologies if you’ve been waiting to find out).

The winner of the International giveaway is Katrina P.

The winner of the Australian giveaway is Alison C.

I will be emailing you ladies for further details.

More soon and thanks once again!

Night Beach Giveaway, Aussie and International

So! Today’s the 27th, which is our pre-appointed date for a GIVEAWAY. And those of you who’ve been here before and have highly tuned powers of perception will have no doubt noticed that something’s a leeetle bit different. Hopefully you’re thinking, I love what you’ve done with the place. Because, yes, I’ve had a web makeover. You are all so cutting edge with your iPhones and other thingys that it was decided this should be a responsive website, which apparently means it changes size like magic. 

It’s pretty plain right now, but when I have time I can play with it. Dress it up with waves, or sand, or chandeliers, as the fancy takes me.

And the whole thing’s got me thinking about what an author website should do anyway. Which is where you guys and the Giveaway come in.  More

Raw Blue in the UK

Hey guys (especially those of you who are overseas), I just wanted to let you know that Raw Blue is going to be published in the UK in August, by Catnip Publishing. I’m so happy about this. Hopefully this makes it easier for some of you to get hold of the book. And once again my thanks go out to the blogging community for raising this book’s profile – you know who you are :) It’ll be coming out in August, smack bang in summer. I LOVE the cover.


Reviews and a favour to ask of you

There’s a lot going on at the moment, and I must be feeling a wee bit stressed, because I’ve had the sudden urge to number things.

1. Two more reviews have come in for Night Beach.

Book’d OutNight Beach is a novel that got under my skin, complex, breathtaking and compelling, I can only insist you experience it for yourself. This is a story that stays with you, haunts you and despite its young adult label deserves an adult audience.

Spellbound by BooksI’ve read everything she’s written so far, and this is by far my most favourite read.

Thanks to both Shellyrae and Melissa for taking the time to read the book.

2. And due to a late scratching, I’m going to be blogging all this month at Inside A Dog – the Centre for Youth Literature’s website for readers. The CYL have been phenomenally good to me, inviting me to Reading Matters last year, and taking me to Geelong, and now this. And my only response to date has been to steal their Facebook photos. So I’m going to try really hard to be a good Writer in Residence for them.

3. Which leads me to the favour. If you’ve got a chance, I will love you forever if you visit me over there and leave a comment or ask a question, or get involved in the GIVEAWAY I’ll be running. (It’s a separate giveaway to the one that’s happening here on the 27th of May).

Okay, that’s all for now. Have a great day. This is what I’ll be listening to:


Night Beach is out today!

Remember how I said I was going to blog more about the book? Well, I’m going to cheat instead. Alpha Reader has just posted an interview I did with her, which includes a lot of the paintings mentioned in the story, and she’s done a much better job than I’ll ever do. So if you’d like to read it, please click here (and you can read AR’s review here).

(I thought I’d follow her example by sprinkling a few images around to zhush things up a little – all NB inspired, of course):

There’s also a review in Australian Bookseller + Publisher (who I don’t think have ever reviewed my stuff before, so thanks Meg Whelan!):

Dark and seductive, Night Beach will leave you breathless. A thrilling and suspenseful combination of the real and the supernatural, this is not a novel to read alone at night! Kirsty Eagar paints a detailed picture of the claustrophobic surfing town, full of complex and intriguing characters. Highly imaginative and lushly described, it’s an enthralling world that will captivate readers just as it possesses Abbie. Eagar’s novel takes ideas with a usually positive portrayal, such as the ocean, art and love, and subverts them, capturing their darker underside and the dangers of obsession. This is a great book for older young-adult readers. Fans of Eagar’s Raw Blue—which won the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for young adult fiction—will love her latest supernatural thriller.

And there are a few reviews out in the blogging community already. So a huge THANK YOU, as always, to you guys for taking the time to read and respond. (I should say, too – I know about reviews when they get passed on to me, either by the reviewer, or by Penguin, or someone in the know, so if you’d like to see yours mentioned, get in touch).




And my editor, who knows me very well, sent me a link to this one by Trin in the Wind because it’s sort of everything that I was trying to do with the story (which I know doesn’t mean that everybody’s going to feel that way about it, but it’s still nice that one person did!)

I also really like Trin’s instructions for reading the book:

1. Read at night
2. Read at night while it’s raining
3. Read at night while it’s raining and you’re home alone
4. Let yourself go.

Finally, there’s a GIVEAWAY to come, which will kick off on the 27th of May. Yes, a bit delayed, but 27 is a good number, and you can fill that time in by thinking about whether you prefer chandeliers or moons.

Have a great day, peoples!


Wordage shout outs!

First, a shout out to Geelong. Yes, the whole city. But in particular – all of the students who attended the panel sessions with Doug MacLeodGab Williams and me. And two extra special shout outs for the students from Oberon High – who survived a mouse; and the girls and boys from Mandarma Primary School – who have the brightest eyes I have ever seen.

Big thanks to Maryanne Hyde and the baby-twirling, Lace-loving staff of Geelong Regional Libraries. The libraries’ program is amazing. I like their Book Chat club, which is kind of like a book club but different in that you turn up and talk about whatever it is that you’re reading at the moment. Also, their strong sense that a library is a community space and definitely no longer a place in which you must be quiet.

And last, but not least – thank you to Adele, Liz and Nicole from the Centre for Youth Literature for looking after us and showing great navigational intuition. Here are some photos I’ve nicked from the CYL’s Facebook page (which you should go and ‘like’ to make up for me nicking photos):

Sydney Writers’ Festival

I’ll be there! Speaking! Eruditely! With Margo Lanagan and Lucy Christopher and Hilary Rogers.

The session is called Her Dark Materials (sexy title, hey what?), it’s on Sunday the 20th May at the Bangarra Theatre from 11.30am to 12.30pm.

For more details, click here. Thus endeth the upcoming events posts.


PS This has a weird life-revisiting-itself feel, because 3 years ago I went to the SWF just before Raw Blue was published, More


Actually, while I’m going on upcoming events, I should also say that thanks to the wonderful people at Taree Library and the lovely Nicky from Manning Valley Books, I’ll be up in Taree on the 8th of May, to talk about Night Beach. I love that part of the world, and I’ve got a couple of mates lined up to surf Saltwater with me, so I’ll be sure to be smiley. More


Okay, having sat on the details of Geelong’s Wordage festival for two weeks, it’s finally occurred to me I should share them. Me and Doug Macleod and Gab Williams will be there next week – 18th and 19th of April. The festival is being presented by the Geelong Regional Library and the Centre for Youth Literature.

The festival is mainly aimed at students in years 7 to 9. Apart from the school program, there is one event open to all: More