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Raw Blue and Saltwater Vampires are now available electronically on

Yay!!! After all this time, and all this lobbying (thank you blogging community! thank you, Bibliophile Brouhaha) it means that those of you who have a Kindle, and are so minded … Well, you can finally read them!

Thanks also to Pam for letting me know!


Update: Sorry guys, looks like I got carried away. I think it’s only available for Australian users to download. Ah well, small steps, right?



Marching through March (news) …

H’okay, for me this month has been all about the Somerset Celebration of Literature. A massive thank you to all the parents, volunteers, organisers, students and the other authors for making it The. Best. Time. Ever. And special thanks to my student helpers Nathalia and Kumiko!

While I was up there, I found out that Saltwater Vampires had been shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards – Ethel Turner Prize. This was The. Biggest. Surprise. Ever. (I thought they’d chuck it in the bin when they saw the ‘V’ word in the title). Congratulations to the other shortlisted authors: Michelle Cooper, Cath Crowley, Belinda Jeffrey, Melina Marchetta and Jaclyn Moriarty.

And finally, some lovely reviews have come in for Raw Blue from the States (thanks once again to Linds from Bibliophile Brouhaha who is the driving force behind a blog tour over there).

Steph Su Reads

i swim for oceans

Holes in my Brain

Books with Bite

And separate to this, a nice one from Chachic’s Book Nook in the Philippines. What a lucky story, getting to travel around like that …

December news …

Linds at Bibliophile Brouhaha recently posted a review for Raw Blue that left me floored (in a really good way). You can check it out here … This review also clarified something for me; an issue that I have struggled with since the book was first published. That being – how much detail to go into when asked to describe the book. Linds very articulately deals with this issue in her review, saying:

Carly is a survivor of rape. I don’t feel it’s possible to adequately talk about the book unless that fact is present. The fear, shame, rage and bravery Carly shows is directly related to the crime committed against her.

Bibliophile Brouhaha is fairly new on the blog scene but contains one of the most energetic round ups of what’s going on in the world of Young Adult literature and the general publishing world that I have come across. Check it out.

I was also stoked to see a review for Raw Blue up over at Spellbound By Books. I’ve been lucky enough to hang out at this blog on two occasions, once in an interview with Melissa, (which you can check out here …) and once to give my top five unsettling reads (see here …)

And great to see a review of Saltwater Vampires up at Escape in a Book. It’s lovely to know that your stories get to travel …

Finally, I just realised I had forgotten to mention this (in case you are lying awake at night wondering about it) – I will be appearing at the Somerset Writers’ Festival in March next year … Will post more details soon.

That’s probably all from me for a wee while, so Happy Christmas and Merry New Year, take fun and have care!!

We didn’t get the world cup, but Saltwater Vampires could still get best cover …

It’s been nominated in the 2010 Urban Fantasy Cover Art Awards, in the category of Best Foreign (non US) cover.


Marina Messiha from Penguin is responsible for Saltwater Vampire‘s amazing cover. If you haven’t already seen it, check out the posts Between the Lines ran on Marina’s design process (Part I and Part II). So much work went into this cover design!

(An aside – I also love all the other details in this book’s design, like the cool metallic water droplets on the inside front and back covers, and that beautiful image of the moon over the ocean on the back cover, also repeated on one of the initial pages.)

Anyway, Urban Fantasy are offering voters lots of books as prizes, including a signed copy of Saltwater Vampires, so if you’re feeling judgemental, get on over there and vote. You can do that, and view all of the nominated covers, by clicking here

Voting closes on 29 December. And to finish off, the full list of categories are:


  • Best Anthology Cover
  • Best Foreign (non US) Cover
  • Best Paranormal YA Cover
  • Best Paranormal Steampunk Cover
  • Best Object Cover
  • Best Male Cover
  • Best Female Cover
  • Best Duo Cover
  • Best Male w/ Animal Cover
  • Best Female w/ Animal Cover
  • Most Unique Cover
  • Best Debut Cover
  • Best Covers in a Series
  • Best Sneak Peak Cover for 2011
  • Cover of the Year 2010

(If categories 9 and 10 don’t get you curious, nothing will …)

November news …

Four new and unique reviews have come in for Raw Blue. You can check them out by clicking on the following links:

Musty Pages

Irresistible Reads

Literary Life

Book Grotto

Also, Stuart McCulloch has done an in-depth review of Saltwater Vampires, which also gives a good background to the events surrounding the shipwreck of the Batavia. You can read it here

And I recently did an interview with Blanche Clarke of Melbourne’s Herald Sun. You can check it out by clicking here

October news …

Well, not news about October the month, but actually a couple of reviews and an interview.

Reviews just in for Saltwater Vampires (click on the link to read each in its entirety):

The Book Nerd: 5/5 stars … Saltwater Vampires is a little bit The Lost Boys and a little bit 30 Days of Night set in a small coastal Australian town. I absolutely loved it.

This is the best book ever: But as well as all the bloodlust and the biting, there is also a genuinely well written narrative. It is taut and tense … It is also very Australian. The protagonist, Jamie is a 15 yr old surfer, encapsulating all the traits: he’s laid back, he’s scruffy, wild and lean …

Literary Life:Who can resist a main character whose philosophy is ‘don’t die wondering’?

And I recently did an interview with the new web mag Flutterzine.

How a book gets its cover … the process

Want to know how this: …………………….and this:………………………….fed into making this?



Then take a trip over to between the lines for a fascinating insight into the book cover design process – it’s the most in-depth post on this subject that I have ever read. It also includes some of the alternative cover designs for Saltwater Vampires. There were 70 of them. 70. Thank you, Marina Messiha (the cover designer).

Left wanting more? You can check out Tony Palmer talking about how he designed the Raw Blue cover here

Salty reviews and interviews …

Two new reviews for Saltwater Vampires. Jamie and the other characters should be counting themselves lucky after being handled with such care. Click on the link to read each review in its entirety.

Saltwater Vampires is a highly addictive vampire novel which will suck you in from the very beginning (pardon the pun) … I like my vampires menacing and nasty and boy does Kirsty Eagar deliver, these vampires gave me the creeps!” Lost in Stories

“Jamie and his mates are not your usual heroes or vampire slayers. They’re these loveable, freaked-out, wide-eyed and brave teens: flawed and crushed, hopeful and resilient. They’re mates who watch each others backs as well as let each other down …” inkcrush

There are also two interviews up:

One with the charming Empress Awesome;

And another in amongst the lovely vibe of Spellbound by Books.