Terrible Titles Blog Hop

Hey, I have been tagged to do this by the winsome Trinity Doyle, whose debut novel Pieces of Sky will be published by Allen & Unwin in June. The deal is to scroll through a work in progress, let your cursor land somewhere randomly, and use that as a title. Eight times. So, here are my terrible titles:

Beer, Goon and Port

A Mix of Animal Prints

She’s Already Dated You

So Very Tender

Got Lucky

Got You in the Temple

Take a Jagged Breath

If There’s a Clash

I love the first one. For those who live elsewhere, ‘goon’ is what Australians call those big cardboard casks of wine (the really high quality stuff). And I suspect Got Lucky and Got You in the Temple might be part of a series. Thanks for tagging me, Trin. I’m going to tag Vikki Wakefield, Simmone Howell, Gab Williams and Rebecca James.