That looks very codey and mysterious, doesn’t it? So, I have been tagged to do this by the lovely Sandy Fussell, who will be doing a Where the Magic Happens post later in the year (one that made me teary, no less), but who also does a fantastic wrap up of the weekly web activities of Australian children’s and YA authors at Scoop.it because she is kickarse supportive like that. The idea is to scroll to page seven of your work in progress, and take seven lines. Here are mine, from Summer Skin, and I tag anybody who’d like to play. Add yours to the comments or put it up on your own digs and let me know:

Jess took the rest of the stairs two at a time. She peeked around the bottom doorway and then followed the guy down a path that stretched along the back of the next building, heading towards the river. He had an easy, relaxed gait, and she admired his wide shoulders, the muscular triangle of his back. His nice arse. It was a shame more Unity guys didn’t place the same emphasis on being perfect male specimens. A lot of them had gamer shoulders, and were pale, unfit and grungy.

Of course, my seven lines would have to feature a word like ‘arse’. Could have been a lot worse, trust me:) Happy Monday – if you’re driving, I hope you’re against the flow of the traffic. Apropos nothing, here’s the new City Calm Down song, because they’ve got a new album coming out soon and I feel like I’ve been waiting for it forever. xox