“How to describe this book? It’s an eclectic mix of the very best of Vampirism and Australian culture. It’s reminiscent of the 1987 cult-classic ‘The Lost Boys’, with a dash of Keanu’s ‘Point Break’, and a nod to the ‘Underworld’ movie franchise. But still with an Aussie flair, for Eagar’s writing style reminded me of our two heavy-weight authors (in their respective readerships) Tim Winton and John Marsden … ‘Saltwater Vampires’ takes place in and around the sea (Australia is an island; after all). The sand and surf make for an eerie backdrop to the collision and confrontations with the vampires. The eeriness of a black ocean at night, and the loneliness of crashing waves; Eagar captures this picturesque Australian scenery and turns it into an astonishingly spine-tingling gothic setting … ” Alpha Reader..

“This is not your run of the mill teen vampire book. Kirsty Eagar has mixed Australian history, vampires and surfing and rolled out a fast paced thriller that I couldn’t put down. I had to finish it last night, even though I only received it in the mail yesterday morning …” We love YA

“For those of you that like your vampires to be the traditional, evil beings that they are. This one’s for you … Within the first few pages of Chapter one I was getting that nervous feeling in my stomach for the characters. Eagar has done a brilliant job in creating realistic and complex characters who I think we can all relate to in some form or another… ” Spellbound by Books

“Jamie and his mates are not your usual heroes or vampire slayers. They’re these loveable, freaked-out, wide-eyed and brave teens: flawed and crushed, hopeful and resilient. They’re mates who watch each others backs as well as let each other down and these contradictions are so well drawn that the characters breathe on their own and worked their way into my heart …”  inkcrush

“Saltwater Vampires is a highly addictive vampire novel which will suck you in from the very beginning (pardon the pun) … I like my vampires menacing and nasty and boy does Kirsty Eagar deliver, these vampires gave me the creeps!” Lost in Stories

“5/5 stars … Saltwater Vampires is a little bit The Lost Boys and a little bit 30 Days of Night set in a small coastal Australian town. I absolutely loved it.”  The Book Nerd

“But as well as all the bloodlust and the biting, there is also a genuinely well written narrative. It is taut and tense … It is also very Australian. The protagonist, Jamie is a 15 yr old surfer, encapsulating all the traits: he’s laid back, he’s scruffy, wild and lean. And he proves to be courageous and persistant. Surrounded by his mates, he takes on a very difficult but desperate plan amidst the frenzy of a New Year’s Eve music festival … It’s a thriller, and so much more. Look out for it.” This is the best book ever

“The ocean was definitely a character and played a huge part … Every scene played out like a little movie in my head … Besides, who can resist a main character whose philosophy is ‘don’t die wondering’?” Literary Life