In-between in 2014

That’s how it felt for me, anyway. 2014 twas a year for tending crops. And, not withstanding the tragic events in Australia over the last few weeks, most people I know seem to feel the same way about it. It was one of those years where you’re not really treading water, but you’re not riding a speed boat either. How about for you? Spectacular? Meh?

I wrote my butt off this year, although you’ll have to wait to see evidence of it, dear Reader. The good news is that there were a lot of words. The bad news is that some of them were wrong.

I was lucky enough to receive an Australia Council grant to focus on a YA novel set in rural Central Qld (mentioned awhile back). And for someone who self-doubts as much as I do, the knowledge that a group of sane, responsible people believe in this project was a huge shot of motivation. The other major motivation for me is that this region is in my blood, and I need to catch it somehow. I am most definitely striped by the Tropic of Capricorn.


Closer to the finishing line is my other WIP. I polished it to within an inch of its life, and can happily say that it showed me a really good time. (I find POLISHING much easier than PRODUCING – that is, the early drafts of a work). There will be news soon, including a title, but let’s not peak too early. But while we’re on the subject, I must applaud the University of Queensland for providing me with a lovely burst of synchronicity by constructing a building RIGHT WHERE I NEEDED ONE IN THE STORY (which is freaking amazing if you’ve seen how crowded that campus is).

Building UQ

I want to finish by saying THANK YOU to all of you who contacted me to say happy birthday to Raw Blue, or to ask when the next book is coming out, or just to say nice things. I am constantly astounded at the generosity of readers, and my fellow writers, and you all deserve super karma points in 2015 because of it.