Hello! Long time no … Well, you know how it goes when people come slinking back to their blogs. Does anyone actually blog anymore?

Anyway! I am really happy today because we are on the other side of the Solstice. That’s the Winter Solstice for me, because I am in the southern hemisphere, so days get longer from now on and I celebrated all this because it also means winter won’t last forever, and that’s good because wetsuits suck. The surf has been great lately, though, so no complaints there. (Pics by Mr Michael Kellerman of Surf Photos of You, who takes a lot of pics of me and other surfers on the northern beaches because he turns up every day to do just that for the love of it.)

Anyway, enough with the gratuitous surfing pics! Solstice – here are some things I did to mark it. I decided to share them because I really love everyday magic – the little rituals you do to mark changes in the world and your life. The story I’m writing at the moment is full of that sort of stuff. Number 3 is for the writers, but would work for anybody.

PS There is a GIVEAWAY happening over on my Instagram this weekend! If you are trying to find me, I am @kirstyeagar (people always spell Eagar the normal way – Eager – and then tell me that I am not there – completely understandable, but not true!)