What I’m working on

I’ve got two things on the boil at the moment. The first is a young adult story set smack bang on the Tropic of Capricorn in central Queensland, Australia. The setting for this story really excites me. It’s where I grew up (the photo above was taken at my mum’s). It’s a place that I’ll forever associate with a wild kind of freedom. It’s not small town, and it’s not city; it’s rural. A hot and dry and dusty rural. Beef country. Brigalow country. The story is multi-viewpoint and non-linear (so it’s told by lots of different characters and jumps around a lot) and BIG – in the style of (but nothing like) Saltwater Vampires. It’s in the early stages – for me, the hardest part of the writing process.

800px-University_of_QueenslandLuckily, the second thing is a lot further along then, or I’d probably go mad – madder? It’s a story set at university in Brisbane, and I started it after Night Beach was published. I was looking for a good time, and I got it. Right from the very beginning the two main characters had the sort of chemistry that is just OFF THE PAGE. Not that I’m claiming credit for that. The essence of the characters I write, the thing that makes them live and breathe, always seems to me to come from some sort of mysterious Beyond. A more scientific type might label it ‘right-brain’, but seeing as I still believe in magic, I don’t. Thanks to those two, I spent most of last year with a goofy grin on my face and the sort of skin-prickle you get when you’re falling in love, or at least in lust. It’s sex versus intimacy in a boy-meets-girl, or rather, misogynist meets modern riot grrrl.

So. That’s what I’ve been doing. Hope things have been humming for you, too.