New White Horses piece

I've got a short piece on grief (and surfing – yes, I related the two somehow) in the new edition of @whitehorsesmag But more exciting for me was reading writing by this guy – @mugofsunshine and reading about his shaping and experiments in sustainability (actually, come to think of it, I also liked knowing how the name 'Mug of Sunshine' was derived). I met him on a surf trip what seems like a long time ago and he and his wife Kim are two of my fave people. He calls the surf industry on its bullshit regularly and he is a total feminist. @favel_parrett is in there too, and we will surf together one day, I just know it. I watched her interview with Booktopia the other day and she is such a shiny, special person, someone who speaks the language of kindness. And White Horses continues to be amazing. It's a mag for ocean lovers not just surfers. It takes an Emerson/Thoreau approach, and it's beautiful in its inclusivity. #feelingthefeelstoday #whitehorses #surfing #surf #surfmagazine #surfmagazines #surfwriting #surfshaper #shapers #surfboardshaper #surfboardshaping

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